The Need to Change our Way of Thinking

“Lies and deception, in this manner (as I have said and I repeat) are false connections. When one is young, one is full of negative emotions and one becomes a liar. That is the crude reality of facts. If we truly understand and start to change our way of thinking and feeling, then very soon this will be reflected in ourselves.

… Let us begin, then, by changing our way of thinking and feeling. Many receive esoteric teachings, but if they continue thinking as before, as they did twenty years ago, what do they expect? They are wasting their time. If the teachings have been given to people so that they can self-realize themselves and if they continue thinking as before, obviously they are on the wrong path.”

-Samael Aun Weor

First of all, it is necessary to know the laws of the Gnostic esoteric work, that is, if we indeed want a radical and conscious change. In the name of the truth we will state that if there is any place where we shall begin to work on ourselves, it has to be in relation to the mind and emotions.

It would be absurd to begin working with the motor center, for example, which (as you already know) is related to the habits, customs and actions of such an organ or center; obviously this would be like beginning with an absurd fakirism.

Incidentally, speaking of fakirs, there are fakirs in India who raise an arm vertically, for example, and maintain it that way for an indefinite period of time: until it becomes rigid. There are others who remain in the same place for twenty or thirty years until they become statues. And after all this, just what is gained by these fakirs? Obviously, they develop some willpower, but we must not think that they create the body of Conscious Will, definitely not.

It is impossible to create a body outside of the ninth sphere. If it were possible to create any body in the absence of the ninth sphere, we would then have been born of the air, or in some lake, or from a rock; we would not be children of a man and a woman. Therefore, creation occurs in the ninth sphere, and that is obvious. Therefore, no fakir can create the body of Conscious Will outside of the ninth sphere. Nothing is gained, therefore, by those who dedicate themselves to fakirism except the development of some willpower.

Thus, to begin with the motor center would be absurd. To start working with the sexual center without having the correct information about the body of the Gnostic doctrine is even worse, because he who begins in such conditions does not know what he is doing. He does not have clear understanding of the work in the forge of the Cyclops. Obviously, he can commit serious mistakes. Let us remember that the first center is the Intellectual center; second, the Emotional; third, the Motor; fourth, the Instinctive and fifth, the Sexual center. There also exists the sixth center which is the Superior Emotional and the seventh, the Superior Mental center. But if we do not truly begin with the inferior centers of the human machine, we will make mistakes.

Before anything else, we should begin these studies with the intellectual and emotional centers. We need to truly change our way of thinking; otherwise, we will follow erroneous paths. Of what use would it be, for example, that you attend these classes but do not change your way of thinking? Here we give you esoteric exercises, you are guided within the doctrine, but if you do not change your way of thinking, of what purpose is all of this that you are taught?

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