066 – The Seven Chairs of Gnostic Anthropology

PDF Version has 7 pages (partial translation available)

*Note: This lecture is broken up into 7 parts

  1. First Chair (translation available as PDF called “The Foundation of the Sexual Transmutation” or “Foundations of Sexual Transmutation”)
  2. Second Chair (no translation available)
  3. Third Chair (no translation available)
  4. Fourth Chair (no translation available)
  5. Fifth Chair (no translation available)
  6. Sixth Chair (no translation available)
  7. Seventh Chair (no translation available)

041 – Gnostic Discipline for the Awakening

(Also called “Techniques for the Awakening” in English)

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“Q. Master, we would like to know a clue or technique for the awakening of the Consciousness.

A. With pleasure we will give some explanations about the awakening of the Consciousness.

My dear brothers, first of all it is necessary comprehend that the Consciousness of the human beings is asleep. Unfortunately, people do not want understand that are asleep; everybody thinks that are awake and however, they are asleep…”

040 – The Necessity to Crystallize the Soul

(Also called “Gnostic Study of the Soul” in English)

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“First of all my dear brothers, it is necessary to know the path which leads to the Inner Self-Realization of the Being. Undoubtedly, it is urgent to comprehend the necessity of crystallizing in us that which is called Soul. Jesus Christ said: “In your patience possess ye your Souls;” but first, it is necessary to understand what is that something called Soul.

Certainly, I have to say you that the Soul is a conjunct of laws, principles, virtues, powers, etc.; people have the Essence, the psychic material to elaborate Soul, or better to say, to crystallize the Soul, but they do not have Soul yet.

Obviously, he that wants to have that something which normally is called Soul, will have to disintegrate the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry inside: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. Virgil, the poet of Mantua, said: “Even if you would have one thousand tongues to speak and steel palate, you would not be able to enumerate all your defects correctly…”

Obviously, the defects are called psychic aggregates in Tibet; those aggregates are very same to the elementaries that are mentioned by  different occultist organizations and are the living representation of our errors….”

039 – Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation

(Also called “The Didactic for the Dissolution of the Ego” in English)

PDF Version has 19 pages


“What is essential within us is to attain the crystallization of the soul. Yet, what is that which we must understand as soul? We must understand as “soul” the conjunction of bodies, attributes, powers, virtues, qualities, etc., which underlie within the Being.

The gospels state: “In your patience possess ye your souls…” -Luke 21:19  Presently we do not possess our souls; rather, the soul possesses us, since we are a heavy burden for that which is called “soul”, an overwhelming load indeed.

So, to attain possession of the soul is a longing; to become the owners of our own souls is formidable; moreover, the very same physical body must be transformed into soul….”

038 – Work Flavor and Life Flavor

(Also called “The Taste of the Work, the Taste of the Life” in English)

PDF Version has 10 pages


“It is necessary to understand the necessity to disintegrate the Ego, and this could not be possible if we do not make good use of the hard experiences of life.

It is necessary to know that there are persons that after a work of permanent observation during the different events of the life, forget the work that are doing and as a result of it the experiences are taken as before.

When one takes the experiences of the life as a way to attain a goal, as a way to reach the self-discovery, as a way to attain the self-observation, one can taste these experiences, the taste of the work is something marvelous; it brings an ineffable exquisiteness.

When one discovers a determined psychological defect and eliminates it, then one tastes the work, it is an unmistakable taste; but when one after been working, leaves the work on oneself and takes the experiences of the life as before, that is to say, re invert the sense of the experiences, then undoubtedly one will feel once again the same taste of the daily routine, the same taste of the common life.

So, it is necessary to distinguish between the Work’s taste and the taste of the routine life.  For this reason I say to you my dear brothers: do not escape from the experiences of life, make good use even of the most simple experiences to the self-discovery.”

036 – Psychic Associations which lead to Awakening

(Also called “The Awakening of the Consciousness” in English)

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“On the floor of the cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris there is a drawing labyrinth; let us remember the labyrinth of Creta, on the center of it, it was the Minotaur. It is said that Theseus could orientate himself through that labyrinth and to find the Minotaur, afterwards, in a hand to hand fight he defeated him. He could get out of that labyrinth with the help of the Ariadne’s thread which leaded him to the final liberation.

It is interesting to know that on the floor of the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris a marvellous labyrinth was sketched; undoubtedly, all of this is something that invite us to reflect.

To orientate ourselves is not something easy, the labyrinth of the theories is more bitter than death itself. Meanwhile some authors say that the respiratory exercises are extraordinary, others say that are harmful; meanwhile some affirm something, others say something else. Each school believes having the truth; therefore, the labyrinth is very difficult.

When one reaches the labyrinth, one has to fight hand to hand with the Cretan Minotaur, that is to say, with our own Ego, with the “I,” with the myself, with the oneself; one is capable to get out of this labyrinth with the help of the Ariadne’s thread that has to lead us to the light. However, almost everybody get lost among the labyrinth of so many theories, schools and confusions.

What can we do in order to orientate ourselves? Obviously, we have to be interested in the awakening of the Consciousness, only in this form we will be able to walk successfully inside of that mysterious labyrinth. However, meanwhile we do not awake, we will remain confused…”

034 – Protection Against Psychological Impressions

(Also called “The Transformation of Impressions” or “Imprints Transformation” in English)

PDF Version has 10 pages


“The subject of this lecture is self-transformation. In past talks, we spoke about the importance that life has in itself; we also said that a man is what his life is and that his life is like a film. He takes it with him when he disincarnates to relive it in a retrospective manner in the astral world, and later he returns and brings it with him again to project it once more on the scenario of the physical world.

Digestion itself is transformation. The food in the stomach, that is to say, on the inferior floor of the factory, undergoes transformations.

If something enters [the body] without passing through the stomach, the organism is unable to assimilate essential vitamins and proteins, and this would easily result in indigestion. So as we reflect upon this question, we understand the necessity of passing through a transformation. It is clear that physical food is transformed, but this is something that we must reflect on.

Do we transform impressions adequately?

Nature doesn’t need the intellectual animal to transform impressions. A person who can transform impressions has an in-depth knowledge. This is what we need to understand…

It would be wonderful if we were able to transform impressions. Most people (as they see practical life) believe that this physical world is going to give them everything they yearn for and are looking for. This is really a tremendous mistake. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of the esoteric work as it relates to the transformation of impressions. Do wee need to transform them? Certainly, yes! Life enters our organism in the form of mere impressions.

A person cannot really transform himself if he does not transform the impressions that come to his mind. Life doesn’t really exist as an external thing. What we are saying is something very revolutionary because everybody believes that what is physical is real; however, if we look at it a little more deeply, we will see that what we are receiving every moment, every instant, are impressions…”

032 – The Gnostic Psychology of False Sentiments

(Also called “The False Sentiment of the ‘I'” in English)

PDF Version has 12 pages

(Available online at GnosticTeachings.org  http://gnosticteachings.org/lectures-by-samael-aun-weor/149-the-false-sentiment-of-the-i.html   )

“We will talk about the sentiment of oneself. It is worthwhile to reflect about the sentiment of ourselves, it is convenient to understand profoundly what is the false sentiment of the “I”.

We all have always in the bottom of our heart the sentiment of ourselves, but it is convenient to know if this sentiment is correct or mistaken; it is necessary understand what the sentiment of the “I” is.

First of all it is urgent understand that the people would be ready to leave the alcohol, the theater, the smoking, the parties, etc., except their own sufferings. People adore their own pains, their sufferings; they would more easily renounce to a moment of happiness instead of their own sufferings.”


031 – The Psycho-Emotional Metamorphosis of Man

(Also called “The Need to Change our Way of Thinking” or “The Psycho-Emotional Metamorphosis of Human Being” in English)

PDF Version has 9 pages


“First of all, it is necessary to know the laws of the Gnostic esoteric work, that is, if we indeed want a radical and conscious change.

In the name of the truth we will state that if there is any place where we shall begin to work on ourselves, it has to be in relation to the mind and emotions…”

024 – The Intimate Need to Not Project

(Also called “The Intimate Need of Not Projecting” and “The Projections of the Mind” in English)

PDF Version has 5 pages

“The time has come to go to the depth of this theme and I think that the most important, is to stop dreaming. The dreams are mere projections of the mind and for that reason they are just illusions, are useless. Precisely, it is the Ego the one that projects the dreams and obviously those dreams are useless.

We need to transform the subconsciousness in Consciousness, we need to eradicate radically not only the dreams but even the possibility of dreaming; there is not doubt that that possibility exists meanwhile there exist the subjective elements within our psyche.

We need a mind that does not project, we need to drain off the process of thinking. The projecting mind, projects dreams and these dreams are vane and ephemeral.”

023 – The Danger of Mental Effigies

(Also called “Mental Representations II” in English)

PDF Version has 14 pages

“I realize that not all the brothers comprehended the lecture related with the psychic aggregates and the representations.

In the name of truth we have to say that the world of the mind is the deposit of the entire past, present and future mental forms.

So, the world of the universal mind has to be study profoundly, if we want to understand something about the Ego and the representations. Many brothers have been unable to understand clearly what is the difference between the Ego and the representations.

We have said emphatically that the psychic aggregates in their conjunct, form that what is called Ego; each psychic aggregate is the very personification of some defect of psychological type.

We have also said that within every aggregate there exist certain percentage of inner Consciousness. We have clarified that disintegrating those aggregates, the Consciousness is liberated. We gave the techniques.

However, in our past lecture, we gave something else, I am talking emphatically about the representations. What could be the difference between the aggregates and the representations? That is what we are going to study in our lecture today.”


022 – The Serious Damage of Mental Representations

(Also called “Mental Representations” in English)

PDF Version has 23 pages


“Well my dear friends, we have been studying the distinct aspects of the mind, and afterwards we will continue, going deeper into the practical field of love, of interesting facts in the elimination of the psychological aggregates. This is very difficult.  Nevertheless, this is not all, there is something else we must watch for. I am referring emphatically to mental representations.

For in the world of the senses there are difficult representations such as they are, the objects that surround us, remorse, etc. but representations of the mind also exist.

In the mind there are many representations that we must take into account…”

018 – The Occult Facets of our Psychological Moon

(Also called “The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon” in English)

PDF Version has 9 pages

“Within us there is a hidden part of our own Ego, that is never visible. As the Moon has two faces, one that is visible and another that is hidden, in the same way we have an occult part that is not visible. First of all, I want you to understand that as there exists a Physical Moon, there also exists the Psychological Moon. That Psychological Moon is carried within us; it is the Ego, the “I”, the myself…”

016 – The Verb and the Priestly Magistry

(Also called “The Word and the Impression” in English)

PDF Version has 4 pages

“The Consciousness sleeps in our larynx, we are unconscious of the words. We need to become totally conscious of the word.

There are times when to speak is a transgression, there are times when to keep silent also is a transgression.

It is said that “the silent is gold”. We say that there are criminal silences. It is as bad to speak when one has to be silent as to be silent when is necessary to speak.

Like a flower full of colors but without aroma, are the beautiful but sterile words of the one that does not behave according with what he says.

It is urgent to stop the mechanical words, it is necessary to speak with precision, in conscious and opportune form; we need to become conscious of the word.”

011 – The Precariousness of the Human Psyche

PDF Version has 9 pages

“In the name of truth we must recognize that we do not have a defined individuality. I would say, clearly, that within each person live many people. This could be rejected by the fanatics of the materialistic dialectic, but it could never be rejected by truly intelligent people.

Anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, and gluttony, with all their ramifications, deep down constitute a series of successive I’s that live within us here and now.

Within us there is presently not an authentic individuality. No one is the same person for even half an hour. If I were to think that one of you was the same person for half an hour, obviously I would not only be abusing you, but what’s worse, I would also be hurting myself.

So then, we don’t have an authentic individuality…”

008 – Imagination as Power, Fantasy as Prison

(Also called “Imagination and Fantasy” in English)

PDF Version has 8 pages


“Obviously, it is convenient to make a clear differentiation between imagination directed voluntarily and mechanical imagination. Undoubtedly, directed imagination is Conscious Imagination; for the wise, to imagine is to see.  Conscious Imagination is the translucent in which the firmament, the Mysteries of Life and Death, the Being, are reflected.

Mechanical imagination is different. It is formed by the residues of the memory, it is the fantasy. It is necessary to investigate it profoundly.

People with their fantasy, with their mechanical imagination, do not see themselves such as they really are, but in accordance with their own forms of fantasy.”

007 – Gnostic Outline of the Psychological “I”

(Also called “The Psychological ‘I'” in English)

PDF Version has 7 pages


“Different pseudo esoteric schools stress the preposterous idea of a duple “I”. The first they qualify as the Superior “I”, the second is denominated the Inferior “I”. We say that superior and inferior are two parts of the same thing. Much has been said about the Alter Ego even praising and deifying it, considering it to be divine. In the name of Truth it has become indispensable to say that the superior and inferior are two aspects of the same Ego, and therefore the praise of the first and the underestimation of the second, result without doubt, in something incongruous.

We make an accurate differentiation between that which is the “I”, and that which is the Being.”

005 – The Exercise of Self-Knowledge

(Also called “The Knowledge of Oneself” in English)

PDF Version has 13 pages


“We are going to talk a bit about spiritual restlessness, but the first thing we need is creative comprehension.

In life, it is fundamental to know oneself. Where do we come from? Where are we going to? What is the objective of existence? Why do we live? What do we live for? The phrase at the entrance of the temple of Delphi which read “Nosce Te Ipsum” (and which means “Man, know yourself and you will know the universe and its Gods”) is axiomatic.

To know oneself is fundamental. Everybody think they know themselves when in actual fact they do not. Therefore it is necessary to reach the full knowledge of oneself. This can be done with incessant self-observation. We need to see ourselves as we really are.”

003 – The Pendular Behavior of Humanity

(Also called “The Law of the Pendulum” in English)

PDF Version has 14 pages


“We will begin our lecture of tonight. Certainly, humanity lives in the battle of the opposites, among the crude fight of the opposites. Sometimes we are very happy; other times we are depressed, sad. We have epochs of progress, of well being -according with the law of Karma- we also have critical times, in the economic and social field, etc…”

002 – Chaotic Consciousness and Intelligent Consciousness

PDF Version has 14 pages


“Today we are going to study all those disturbing topics related to our own existence.

Where do we come from? Where are we going to? What is the purpose of our existence? What do we live for? What are we here for? Why are we here?

These are really enigmatic questions that we all should solve. Above all, if we want to know something about ourselves, we have to start to SELFEXPLORE.  The physical body is only the densest part of us. It is composed of organs, and the organs are formed by cells, and the cells by molecules, and the molecules by atoms; and if we break an atom, we liberate energy. But THE PHYSICAL BODY IS NOT EVERYTHING.”

001 – Analysis of the Human Psyche

PDF Version has 17 pages


“With the greatest pleasure I address to you tonight so that we talk a little bit about psychological matters. We will talk about Revolutionary Psychology…

Above all, we must know who we are, where we come from, where we are going to, which is the objective of our existence, why we exist, what we exist for…”