038 – Work Flavor and Life Flavor

(Also called “The Taste of the Work, the Taste of the Life” in English)

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“It is necessary to understand the necessity to disintegrate the Ego, and this could not be possible if we do not make good use of the hard experiences of life.

It is necessary to know that there are persons that after a work of permanent observation during the different events of the life, forget the work that are doing and as a result of it the experiences are taken as before.

When one takes the experiences of the life as a way to attain a goal, as a way to reach the self-discovery, as a way to attain the self-observation, one can taste these experiences, the taste of the work is something marvelous; it brings an ineffable exquisiteness.

When one discovers a determined psychological defect and eliminates it, then one tastes the work, it is an unmistakable taste; but when one after been working, leaves the work on oneself and takes the experiences of the life as before, that is to say, re invert the sense of the experiences, then undoubtedly one will feel once again the same taste of the daily routine, the same taste of the common life.

So, it is necessary to distinguish between the Work’s taste and the taste of the routine life.  For this reason I say to you my dear brothers: do not escape from the experiences of life, make good use even of the most simple experiences to the self-discovery.”