Imitation of Christ – in mp3 format! List to an Englishmen reading Thomas A Kempis’ great work!

e-Sword This is a free program that allows you to compare various translations of the Bible side-by-side. Be sure to download the “Bibles” (especially the ‘Literal Translation’ ones) and the “Dictionaries” to see what the original terms are…

module for eSword Install with eSword: A literal translation of the Tanakh/Old Testament based upon the Hebrew Masoretic Text, and the Messianic Writings/New Testament based on the Textus Receptus Greek Text, modifications to these being made as appropriate in the light of other vital sources.

Messianic Resources for e-Sword modules for eSword, hebrew literal translations, hebrew names version, hebrew fonts, etc.

Huge list of Bible Modules for eSword If you are not satisfied with having just some eSword modules, then check out this page!

Free Software Library of the World’s Religious Literature Ocean is a free collection of the World’s Religious literature managed by a unique book-centered research engine. It contains over 1000 books of 10 world religions in English as well as collections in six other languages…

Other Links


Gregorian Chants, including:

“In Cena Domine” Gregorian Chants for the Vesperal Mass of Maundy Thursday and beautiful Tracks of Gregorian Chanting by The Schola of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

Aztec Calendar This is a wonderful site with extensive information.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Use this to read PDF files

Free Classical Music from United Kingdom Listen to Classical Music Radio from the BBC

Free Classical Music from Mexico Listen to Classical Music Radio from XLNC1 in Mexico

Free Classical Music from Denmark Listen to Classical Music Radio from Denmark

Free Classical Music from Sweden Listen to Classical Music Radio from Sweden

Brahms – Symphony No.3 – Poco Allegretto Brahms – Symphony No.3 – Poco Allegretto on you tube. WDR Symphony Orchester Koln under Semyon Bychkov

Krinshamurti examines concepts of life and death Video of Krinshamurti examining concepts of life and death…


Hebrew and Kabalah Links


Complete ZOHAR online with English and Hebrew

In its simplest form, the Zohar is a commentary on the Bible, structured as conversations among a group of friends, scholars, and spiritual masters…

Another Zohar translation online

“…If people had the opportunity to read a clean pure version of the Zohar with a clear commentary, it would break the stereotype that observant Judaism in all its facets is not, as many would have us think, a close-minded shtetl/ghetto existence with countless restrictions and punishments and no time for enjoyment, enlightenment or free expression. On the contrary, the beauty of Jewish experience is the harmonious fusion of the spiritual buds above with the physical flowerings below. ”

Dancing with Angels – Meditation and the Bible

Looks like a well researched book referencing Scripture copywritten by Jeff Spiegel.

“…Greet every person with honor as they too are created in the image of G-d.”

Sacred Names Bible

This is a wonderful way to see the original Hebrew words in Old Testament scripture!

(NOTE: The names used for the New Testament in this Bible version do not appear to be transliterated from Aramaic or Greek…

Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

The Hebrew Lexicon has been designed to help the user understand the original text of the Bible.

The Hebrew Lexicon can be searched in three ways:

  • By Strong’s Numbers
  • By Hebrew word
  • By English word (pre-selected)

Listen to the Hebrew reading of Old Testament Scripture

Chapter-by-Chapter MP3 Recordings of the Hebrew Bible! Pick a chapter and listen to how it sounds in Hebew.

The Qabbalah, the Secret Doctrine of Israel by Manly P. Hall

Includes a translation of “THE SEPHER YETZIRAH, THE BOOK OF FORMATION” as well as other suggested readings!

Public Domain Kabbalah texts as well as Jewish Scriptural commentaries, books include:

  • The Kabbalah Unveiled
  • Sepher Yezirah / Sepher Yetzirah
  • The Zohar: Bereshith to Lekh Lekha
  • The Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides

Another SEFER YETZIRAH translation

From Saadia ben Joseph (al-Fayyumi), Commentaire sur le Séfer Yesira ou Livre de la Création par Le Gaon Saadya de Fayyoum, trans. & ed., M. Lambert, Paris, Emile Bouillon, Editeur, 1891); translated into English from the French & Hebrew

Hebrew Alphabet

  • Letters of Alefbet
  • Vowels and Points
  • Styles of Writing
  • Transliteration
  • Numerical Values
  • Fonts and Word Processors

Basic Biblical Hebrew Grammar

This wonderful site is an overview Hebrew in an easy to read and follow format

Also includes audio for pronounciation!

Interesting Kabbalistic Information & Texts

Chassidus is the knowledge of G-d Himself. Whereas the Kabbalah is referred to as “the secrets,” Chassidus is referred to as “the secrets of the secrets.” Hence, Chassidus lies at the core, the inner essence, of everything.

Has English translations of books like:

  • “SHAAR HAYICHUD” or THE GATE OF UNITY, by Rabbi Dov Ber of Lubavitch;
  • “Derech Chayim” or The Way of Life, by Rabbi Dov Ber of Lubavitch;
  • and more interesting…


Espanol or Spanish Links

Español or SPANISH:

Radio Koradi (Radio Gnostica)

Audiolibros del V.M. Samael Aun Weor (ICQ) Audiolibros del V.M. Samael Aun Weor con Voz Humana por Instituto Cultural Quetzalcoatl

Conferencias del V.M. Samael Aun Weor (Koradi)

Después de varios años de trabajo de recopilación y edición de los audio-cassettes de nuestro amado Maestro Samael Aun Weor, ponemos a disposición del pueblo Gnóstico en general la descarga gratuita de este Material Didáctico en formato mp3.

Descarga de libros de Samael Aun Weor (Gnosis2002)

Tabla de descarga de libros de Samael Aun Weor. en este momento muchas de nuestras secciones están en periodo de renovación, de modo que por ahora, las secciones de son estas:

  • Aclaraciones respecto al contenido de esta página
  • Garantías que podemos ofrecer en cuanto a la autenticidad de los libros
  • Criterios aplicados al estado definitivo de los textos o revisión exhaustiva
  • primer factor de la revolución de la conciencia: MORIR
  • segundo factor de la revolución de la conciencia: NACER
  • tercer factor de la revolución de la conciencia: SACRIFICIO POR LA HUMANIDAD
  • forma en que está organizada la tabla de descarga
  • Contactar con el autor



Español Reina Valera online Biblia Español Reina Valera online

AGEACAC Brazil A AGEACAC é uma instituição nacional, sociedade civil, de caráter filantrópico, cultural, científico e artístico. Constituída por cidadãos livres e de bons costumes, sem distinção de raça, nacionalidade ou credo religioso…


English Links



Glorian Press aka “Gnostic Teachings” (Gnostic Radio and Online Classes)

The printed and online books of Samael Aun Weor in English as well as lots of lectures by Gnostic Instructors both online and audio formats! A wonderful resource.


Koradi Radio, the Radio of the New Millenium (Gnostic Radio)

Online Gnostic Radio in English with new lectures every Saturday or Sunday.


Gnostic Studies (Online Classes)

Gnostic Studies is an online resource for materials promoting the Revolutionary Message of Aquarius and the teachings of the Awakening of the Consciousness. They have a lot of articles and information on their website, check it out!


Gnosis of Long Beach

The center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the teachings of Gnostic Master Samael Aun Weor. We provide classes in Esoteric Psychology, Meditation, Kabbalah and Alchemy and encourage those who seek the universal truth inherent in all of the world’s true religions to visit us. Classes are offered on a donation basis.



Alchemy Links


Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor

Secrets of Spiritual Initiation in Medieval Alchemy, the Bible, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Treatise of Sexual Alchemy reveals the true meaning of the genuine documents and symbols used by the medieval alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Francis Bacon, and more, by showing how those teachings are hidden in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

“The Medieval alchemists hid the Great Arcanum among innumerable symbols and esoteric allegories. This was in order to save it from profanity, and in order for them to avoid being burned alive in the blazes of the Inquisition.” – Samael Aun Weor


Huge list of Alchemical texts in English, including:

  • Paracelsus – The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers
  • Paracelsus – The Aurora of the philosophers
  • Paracelsus – The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists
  • Paracelsus – Coelum Philosophorum


The Alchemical Catechism A SHORT CATECHISM OF ALCHEMY by Paracelsus, translated by A.E. Waite


Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine Concerning the Great Stone of the Ancient Sages by Basilius Valentinus


Book of Artephius (Levity) Called the “Secret book of Artephius”