023 – The Danger of Mental Effigies

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023 - The Danger of Mental Effigies

(Also called "Mental Representations II" in English)

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"I realize that not all the brothers comprehended the lecture related with the psychic aggregates and the representations.

In the name of truth we have to say that the world of the mind is the deposit of the entire past, present and future mental forms.

So, the world of the universal mind has to be study profoundly, if we want to understand something about the Ego and the representations. Many brothers have been unable to understand clearly what is the difference between the Ego and the representations.

We have said emphatically that the psychic aggregates in their conjunct, form that what is called Ego; each psychic aggregate is the very personification of some defect of psychological type.

We have also said that within every aggregate there exist certain percentage of inner Consciousness. We have clarified that disintegrating those aggregates, the Consciousness is liberated. We gave the techniques.

However, in our past lecture, we gave something else, I am talking emphatically about the representations. What could be the difference between the aggregates and the representations? That is what we are going to study in our lecture today."