034 – Protection Against Psychological Impressions

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034 - Protection Against Psychological Impressions

(Also called "The Transformation of Impressions" or "Imprints Transformation" in English)

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"The subject of this lecture is self-transformation. In past talks, we spoke about the importance that life has in itself; we also said that a man is what his life is and that his life is like a film. He takes it with him when he disincarnates to relive it in a retrospective manner in the astral world, and later he returns and brings it with him again to project it once more on the scenario of the physical world.


Digestion itself is transformation. The food in the stomach, that is to say, on the inferior floor of the factory, undergoes transformations.

If something enters [the body] without passing through the stomach, the organism is unable to assimilate essential vitamins and proteins, and this would easily result in indigestion. So as we reflect upon this question, we understand the necessity of passing through a transformation. It is clear that physical food is transformed, but this is something that we must reflect on.

Do we transform impressions adequately?

Nature doesn't need the intellectual animal to transform impressions. A person who can transform impressions has an in-depth knowledge. This is what we need to understand...

It would be wonderful if we were able to transform impressions. Most people (as they see practical life) believe that this physical world is going to give them everything they yearn for and are looking for. This is really a tremendous mistake. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of the esoteric work as it relates to the transformation of impressions. Do wee need to transform them? Certainly, yes! Life enters our organism in the form of mere impressions.

A person cannot really transform himself if he does not transform the impressions that come to his mind. Life doesn't really exist as an external thing. What we are saying is something very revolutionary because everybody believes that what is physical is real; however, if we look at it a little more deeply, we will see that what we are receiving every moment, every instant, are impressions..."