024 – The Intimate Need to Not Project

(Also called “The Intimate Need of Not Projecting” and “The Projections of the Mind” in English)

PDF Version has 5 pages

“The time has come to go to the depth of this theme and I think that the most important, is to stop dreaming. The dreams are mere projections of the mind and for that reason they are just illusions, are useless. Precisely, it is the Ego the one that projects the dreams and obviously those dreams are useless.

We need to transform the subconsciousness in Consciousness, we need to eradicate radically not only the dreams but even the possibility of dreaming; there is not doubt that that possibility exists meanwhile there exist the subjective elements within our psyche.

We need a mind that does not project, we need to drain off the process of thinking. The projecting mind, projects dreams and these dreams are vane and ephemeral.”