The Negative Emotions


“Those grumbling people, full of envy, that are always bothered; those people who are always full of morbid thinking, those who have a persecution’s complex, that feel bewitched, that believe that everybody hates them; are negative and infect the groups and the people.

… Unquestionably, the whole world is being shaken by the negative emotions and there is nothing that could be more contagious than them.”

-Samael Aun Weor

What is understood by term the “Negative Emotions”? Gnostic Psychology uses the term “negative emotions” for all the expressions of the “I’s” located in the inferior emotional center and controlling it. Such as fear, jealousy, self-pity, self-consideration, anger, boredom, untrustworthiness in oneself and in others, etc.

We usually accept negative emotions as something completely “natural” and “necessary” and people also frequently call it “sincerity”. Of course, these emotions are unnecessary and unnatural, and have nothing to do with sincerity; they are simply a sign of weakness, a sign of the egoic condition of impotence that we have learned in order to receive with pleasure the unpleasant manifestations of others.

In the experimental psychology of the Gnostic movement, there is a precept regard the struggle against the negative emotions: “If we want to transform ourselves radically, we need to sacrifice our own suffering”.

There is no pleasure or enjoyment that the human being would not be able to sacrifice for futile reasons, but he rejects sacrificing his own sufferings.

The so called “modern art”: theater, drama, soap-operas, and radio shows are based in these negative emotions that cause so much harm to humankind.

With the negative emotions the “I”, the ego, the myself, dreadfully fortifies itself: obstructing all the possibilities of inner development.

It is clear that we have to review our behavior everyday, we must become more reflexive, more careful with our critical judgments, but especially: we must be more attentive of our negative emotions.

In the field of psychology, we find a lot of disorder among the people; everybody is dragged by the negative emotions, and this is really serious. There is nothing more harmful for the profound internal development than the negative emotions.

When you have become caught up by a negative emotion, express yourself in the best possible way in regards to it. If a negative emotion has arrived, if we are feeling an emotion of envy in a very strong form, let us express ourselves in a harmonious form, not in favor of the envy, but for the well being of others.

If, in a determinate moment, we are feeling an emotion of anger, let us speak with extraordinary sweetness and, instead of feeling upset due to what has hurt us, let us speak well of the one that has offended us. In this way we will not be injured internally.

It is not easy to express oneself well when one has a negative emotion, but it must be that way. If we have an emotion of anger, because someone has upset us, let us speak with love and in favor of the person that has upset us. At the very least we must do this while we eliminate the “aggregates” which have produced the negative emotions, so we will not be hurt.

It is clear that we must not be superficial: we need to eliminate those undesirable psychic elements that have produced in us the negative emotions of anger, envy, hatred, lust, pride, etc.

Unquestionably, the whole world is being shaken by the negative emotions and there is nothing that could be more contagious than them.

There is no doubt that there exists bacteria and viruses. Bacteria cause many illnesses and that is already proven in the laboratory tubes. Regarding the pathogenic viruses, they are infinitely small, therefore more harmful.

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