Understanding Gnostic Schools

The following is extracted from a lecture entitled “The Gnostic Schools” by Samael Aun Weor:

People with a lack of comprehension mistakenly believe the Gnostic Movement is against Schools, Religions, Orders, Spiritual Societies and Sects.

Nothing could be more furthur from the truth. We are not against anybody; we only signal or indicate where the danger is.

The Masters of the Conscious Circle of the Solar Humanity are obliged to speak when it is necessary to do so, and to keep silent when it is necessary to do so. There are criminal silences and there are infamous words; it is just as bad to speak when it is necessary to keep silent as it is to keep quiet when we have to speak. However, this does not mean that the Masters are against somebody. We do not hate anybody, we attack no one; we just point to the danger, that is all.

There are four classes of schools:

1) schools that teach to Crystallize Soul;
2) second, schools that teach to Crystallize Soul and to Incarnate the Spirit (the Being);
3) third, schools that help as Kindergarden to Humanity;
4) fourth, schools of Black Magic.

Let us examine these four classes of schools in a successive order.

Schools that teach how to Crystallize Soul:

To crystallize Soul is something unusual for the religious people. Many have calumniated us, qualifying us as materialistic people.

Really, we are not materialistic. We are Esotericists and that is all.

The intellectual animal, mistakenly called man, believes that he or she already has Soul. Do not feel scared or scandalized; observe with patience, analyze, investigate…

The intellectual animal only has incarnated the Buddhata, the Inner Buddhist principle, the Essence, the Psychic Material, the Raw Materia necessary to create Soul.

It is necessary to awake the Consciousness, to awake the Buddhata, to strengthen it, to individualize it. That action is called ‘to make Soul’.

The Schools that teach how to make Soul are governed by instructors that already have Soul.

Only one who has Soul can teach others the complete theory of the Soul’s Fabrication.

All Schools that teach how to make Soul, know very well that man has a pluralized “I”, which wastes the psychic material in a miserable way through explosions of Anger, Greed, Lust, Pride, Laziness, Gluttony, etc., etc., etc.

As long as that Pluralized “I” exists within the man, we will be losing the forces of the Buddhata unfortunately.

It is necessary to dissolve that “I” if we really want to create Soul.

The true work of an instructor with Soul will be: to reform all of those that accept the reform, to make the people become normal, and to direct a School of Normality. Really, only the ‘normals’ can unfold themselves. Only the normals can become Super-Normal. The multitudes do not have Soul, they are controlled by the pluralized “I” and, therefore they do not have individuality. They are abnormal. This will be hard to accept for many, but it is the truth.

We have to say the truth at any cost.

Every instructor with Soul, has to teach to his disciples the Theory of Soul’s Acquisition. However, this is relative. The disciple has to do the work because the instructor cannot do the work for the disciple. Each one has to follow the path by him or herself.

The instructor of a School of Souls will work with embryos of souls, helping them in their growth, development and progress. Every School that teaches the Dissolution of the “I”, is a School of Souls. There are Schools of Souls in the teachings of Krishnamurti, Chan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Christian “Quietude”, etc., etc., etc.

Every School of Souls teaches the technique for the I’s Dissolution. Really, only through the Creative Comprehension of all our errors, in all the levels of the mind, is the “I” inevitably disintegrated.

The Schools of Souls also teach systems and techniques to awake the powers of Buddhata. The Schools of Souls have very effective methods to awaken the Buddhata.

The Schools of Souls, teach the Science of Inner Meditation through which the Consciousness – the Buddhata – awakes. In this form we will attain the Inner Illumination.

The instructor of the Schools of Souls wants the annihilation of the pluralized “I” : Satan.

The instructors of the Schools for the Souls want for there to only exist one inhabitant inside of each human being, the Buddhata: the Soul.

Really, the nature of Buddhata is happiness. Buddhata itself is happiness.

Every School that teaches the Dissolution of the “I”, is a School for the Souls.

Every School that teaches how to fabricate Soul and Spirit, is a School of Regeneration. The Schools that teach to crystallize Soul only do good work, but those that teach how to fabricate Soul and Spirit do Superior Work.

The man that only fabricates Soul, can be mortal or immortal. He or she is immortal if he or she enters into a School of Regeneration; and is mortal if he or she does not enter in any School of Regeneration.

Every School of regeneration teaches the Maithuna; he that rejects the Sacred Fire becomes mortal. Soul that does not want to receive the Sacred Fire of the Third Logos, loses its inner forces little by little and after many reincarnations finally dies.

When we work in the fabrication of Soul, our work is done in the molecular world. When we work in the fabrication of the Spirit, we work in the Solar Electrical World. The common intellectual animals only really know this Cellular World (the physical world). Every Authentic School of Regeneration teaches the Three Basic Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness. Those three factors are: To Die, To be Born, To Sacrifice ourselves for Humanity. The pluralized “I” has to die in order to create Soul.

We have to work with Alchemy, in order to have the right to attain the Second Birth.

Only when we are born as an Angel within ourselves, are we immortals.

One that does not know the Maithuna, cannot receive the Sacred Fire. If the Soul does not receive the Fire, little by little it becomes weak and dies after many centuries…

The Gnostic Movement is a School of Regeneration that has the three basic principles of the Consciousness Revolution.

Schools of Regeneration are: The Tantric Buddhism of Tibet, the Yellow Church of the Lamas, the Sufism with its dancing dervishes, the Chan Buddhism of China, etc.

In the past, there existed great Schools of regeneration. Let us remember the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan and Inca Mysteries. The Orphic Mysteries. The Mysteries of the Kambirs and Dactyls.