Understanding the Bible

The following is excerpts from “The Authentic Symbolism of Christmas”:

…All of this is greatly esoteric; none of it can be taken literally.

…the Inner Christ has to walk upon the Waters of Life, to OPEN THE SIGHT of those who cannot see; to speak the Word, so that people can see the Light; to OPEN THE EARS of those who have not heard, so that they can hear the Word (when the Lord has grown in the initiate, he has to teach the Word and to explain what the Path is); to CLEAN THE LEPROSY (everybody is “leprous”, everybody; there is nobody who is not “leprous”; that “leprosy” is the Ego, the pluralized “I”; this is the “epidemic” that everybody carries inside: the “leprosy” from which we must be cleaned). Everybody is “handicapped” and does not walk on the Path of the Self-Realization yet. The Son of Man has to CURE THE HANDICAPPED, so that he can walk in the direction of the Mountain of the Being.

The gospel has to be understood in an Intimate way: in a deeper way. It is not related to a remote past, it must be lived within us, here and now.

If we start to mature a bit, we shall better appreciate the message that the Great Kabir Jesus brought to Earth…

…the Four Gospels cannot be understood if we do not study Alchemy and Kabalah, because they are Alchemical and Kabalistic; that is obvious.

It is said that the Jews have three sacred books. The first book is the BODY OF THE DOCTRINE, that is to say, the BIBLE. The second is the SOUL OF THE DOCTRINE: the TALMUD, where the national Jewish soul is contained; and the third is the SPIRIT OF THE DOCTRINE, the ZOHAR, which comprises all the Kabalah of the rabbis.

“The Bible”, the body of the doctrine, is written in code. If we want to study the Bible verse by verse, we’ll be doing it in an ignorant, empiric and absurd manner. That is why up until now, all the dead sects that have appealed to empirical interpretations of the Bible, have never agreed in their interpretations.

There are thousands of sects based on the Bible; this means that no one has understood the Bible…

…there are keys for the interpretation of the first text [the Bible]. Only with the third book, the “Zohar” (written by Simeon Ben Jochai, the Great Illuminated Rabbi) we can find the key to interpret the Bible.

Therefore, it is necessary to open the “Zohar”. And if we want to know something about the Christ, about the Son of Man, we must study the Tree of Life. How could we know anything about the Son of Man if we do not study the Tree of Life in the “Zohar”? It is not possible! When one studies the Tree of Life, one has to deeply study the TEN SEPHIROTH of the Hebrew Kabbalah.