Understanding the Importance of Esoteric Buddhism

Why is Buddhism so significant? The Buddhist Doctrine is simple and yet profound. It helps us to understand our present condition as well as the Path to a better state of Being. Its methods are purely practical and not theoretical.

Gnosis loves the Practical Application of Esotericism because we can decide for ourselves – through experience – if these methods are beneficial. If a method is not practical: then what is its use?

It has been said that the Authentic Spiritual Teaching of the Age of Aquarius is the wise combination of Esoteric Christianism and Esoteric Buddhism. We must understand the profound message of the Buddha in order to arrive at the Authentic and Selfless disposition that the great Master Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ben Pandir) brought to us.

Authentic Christianism, too, is practical and must be applied in ourselves if we wish to taste its banquet. “If you want to follow the Christ, you must deny yourself, pick up the cross and bear it”. See Matthew 10:38, 16:24; Mark 8:34, 10:21; Luke 9:23, 14:27, etc.

Luke 14:27 reads: “Whoever does not bear his own cross and comes after me cannot be my disciple.”
Remember in John 19:16-17, where it is written: “…So they took Jesus, and he, bearing his cross, went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called, in the Hebrew, Golgotha”

The word Golgotha is Γολγοθᾶ (Strong’s ref# G1115) gol-goth-ah’ and is of Chaldee origin (compare [H1538]); the skull; Golgotha, a knoll near Jerusalem: – Golgotha.

H1538 is גּלגּלת gûlgôleth or gul-go’-leth is a skull (as round); by implication a head (in enumeration of persons): – head, every man, poll, skull.

This verse is, therefore, telling us that we must bear our own cross and furthermore: that bearing this cross is something that must be brought to our skull (the place where our brain sits), our head (like the expression “get it in your head”), our psyche, our psychology; it is something that every man must do, something personal and psychological.

That cross is the “denial of self”. This sacrifice of the so-called “myself” (the ego or psychic aggregates of Buddhism) was exemplified in the Cosmic Drama lived by Master Jesus just over 2000 years ago during the Age of Pisces.

Buddhism gives us a wonderful introduction to that psychological work in the Four Noble Truths and its whole doctrine of “Selflessness”. Is this not a personal sacrifice? Is this not a ‘denial of self’? Did Jesus not sacrifice himself for us? Is the doctrine not the same? What is the Golden Rule? Did Jesus not show us ‘what he would like to have others do’ for him?

So, we must recognize (and intimately explore within ourselves) the Buddhist doctrine in order for us to truly understand the Christic doctrine.

We must recognize the reality of the Four Noble Truths if we want the Pistis Sophia (the aspect of Soul within each one of us that longs to end its suffering and be redeemed) to be joined with the Intimate Christ.

In “Pistis Sophia Unveiled”, Chapter 39 it says:
“The Intimate Christ, the Son of the Father of all the Lights, must seek Pistis Sophia in order to save her.

The Adepts of the Great Light also seek Pistis Sophia, who is hidden within the Initiate, in order to help her.

By helping, the Redeemers help themselves.

Give and you shall be given. The more you give, the more you shall be given, but whosoever gives nothing, even that which he has shall be taken away from him.

The Rulers of the Aeons fear the Mysteries of the Light. How difficult it is to ascend to the Thirteenth Aeon.

The fear of the Rulers in the presence of the Thirteenth Aeon is ostensible. The Initiate who attains the arrival to the Thirteenth Aeon is very rare.

The Intimate Christ will seek the power of your Soul. He will reveal the Great Mysteries to you, so that you can arrive at the Thirteenth Aeon.

It is not possible to arrive at the Thirteenth Aeon without previously passing through the Buddhist Annihilation.

Whosoever wishes to arrive at the Thirteenth Aeon must previously disintegrate the entire variety of undesirable psychic elements that we carry within our interior.

Pistis Sophia, bottled up within the psychic aggregates, is processed in virtue of her own bottled up state.

Whosoever wishes to arrive at the Thirteenth Aeon must disintegrate within himself not only the psychic aggregates of evil, but also the psychic aggregates of good.

We must pass beyond good and evil.”

Remember that the number 13 symbolizes Death, “Immortality: Death and Resurrection; Tranformations. Total change.”

This death is of a psychological nature and is the “Buddhist Annihilation”. We must eliminate the psychic aggregates, we must ‘kill’ them in order to tread the path of the Great Mysteries.

Know yourself!