1983 – Pistis Sophia Unveiled

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1983 - Pistis Sophia Unveiled

Book 62
[Overall Publication #88]


PDF version contains 356 pages

"The ascending periplus, with all the published books of the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, has accomplished its commended mission with the unveiling of this sacred work.

This book fills one of the greatest necessities of the world. It is the forefather of a new civilization, of a new culture, and the re-establishment of the holy Gnostic Church on the face of the Earth.

You are close to the great cataclysm. The times of the end have already arrived. The struggle of the elements will begin to break loose in the diverse places of our planet. Be aware as a watchman in the epoch of war. You must put an end to the Kundartiguador organ, and with it, the "I", the ego, will definitely be destroyed, and the Being will be born.

Thus, you will achieve the inner Self- realization. The seed of the angel is in the sanctuary of each one of you. Its germination will be possible through the perfect matrimony and the three factors, which you already know."