1963 – Marriage, Divorce, Tantrism

Book 24
[Overall Publication #39]


PDF version has 5 pages (with 2 columns per page)


“Happiness in marriage is only possible with the death of Judas. That Judas is the I, the myself, the reincarnating Ego.

We need to go from Peter to John. First, we must travel the path of Peter and work with the Philosopher’s Stone (Sex). Afterwards, we have to reach the path of John (the VERB). These two paths are separated by the horrifying abyss where only wailing and gnashing of teeth is heard. If we truly want to go from Peter to John, we need to throw a bridge across to link both paths; that bridge is called Death. There, Judas, the I, the myself, the Ego, must die…

Remember that Mother Kundalini’s kiss is Death and Resurrection.  One day you will wake up and afterwards you will have the joy of dying in yourself; Judas has to die at the bridge if you want to reach the path of John…”