1967 – Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology

Book 37
[Overall Publication #55]


PDF version has 69 pages


“There are four states of Consciousness that are possible for man: Sleep, Vigil Consciousness, Self Consciousness and Objective Consciousness.

Imagine for a moment, dear reader, a house with four floors. The poor Intellectual Animal mistakenly called man, normally lives on the two lower floors, but never in life does he use the two superior floors.

The Intellectual Animal divides his painful and miserable life between run-of-the-mill sleep and the improperly called Vigil state, which unfortunately is another form of sleep.

While the physical body sleeps in bed, the Ego, enveloped in its Lunar Bodies, goes around with the consciousness asleep like a somnambulist moving freely in the molecular region.”