1967 -The Solar Bodies

Book 38 and Christmas Message 16 (1967-1968)
[Overall Publication #57]

(Also called “The Doomed Aryan Race” in English)

PDF version has 145 pages


“On a Mayan manuscript preserved in the British Museum, the following can literally be read:

In the year 6 KAN in the 11th Mulac, in the Month Zac, there occurred terrible earthquakes, which continued without interruption until the 13th Chuen.  The Country of “The Hills of Mud”, the Atlantean land, was sacrificed; being twice upheaved it suddenly disappeared during the night, the basin being continually shaken by volcanic forces. Being confined, these caused the land to sink and rise several times and in various places. At last the surface gave away and ten countries were torn asunder and scattered; unable to stand the force of the convulsions, they sank with their 64 million inhabitants 8,000 years before this book was written.”