1971 – The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

Book 47 and Christmas Message 20 (1971-1972)
[Overall Publication #66]


PDF version contains 118 pages

“The Christic esoteric Spear of the Holy Grail and the pagan Lance of magic pacts, displayed by Wotan, is the same blessed Pike sacred to all the people from remote antiquity.

…We need to enquire, research and investigate the delicious paroxysm of sexual union as it is not just a reflection of the Tamas, according to the Tantra.

During the paroxysm of joy, we should directly discover the cosmic and creative synthesis of SHIVA (Holy Spirit) and SHAKTI (His Divine Wife Kundalini).

Whilst the ordinary intellectual animal is fatally defeated by abominable lustfulness and gets carried away by passionate affection, in other words, suffers during enjoyment for the vile completion of pleasure, the Gnostic esoterist, during coitus and in full ecstasy, victoriously enters the region of the Monads in the splendid world of TATWA ANUPADAKA.”