1973 – Aztec Christic Magic

Book 50
[Overall Publication #70]


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“In the year Ce Acatl (895) in the home of Iztacmixcoatl and Chimalma Quetzalcoatl, the Nahua Cosmic Christ was incarnated. He had a mystical and austere disposition. When very young he practiced fasting and penance. When he was thirty years old he was named grand priest and monarch of Tollan (Tula, state of Hidalgo).

Another Toltec anna states:

Exiled from his country, he returned to it after many years. From distant countries, he brought with him a very advanced civilization and a monotheistic religion of love for all human beings.

Another of those chronicles states:

Quetzalcoatl arrived to Tollan through Panuco; he was carried over the sea in a wooden vessel. He was fair skinned and bearded, he wore a tunic embroidered with little red crosses.”