1955 – The Occult Significance of Dreams

Short Writing 1
[Overall Publication #16]

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(This appears to have been the preliminary manuscript that latter became Ch. 16-19 of “The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac” published in 1974, but also included other sections:

  1. Brief Introduction
  2. On Dreams [Ch. 16 of Secret Doctrine of Anahuac]
  3. Dream Yoga Discipline [Ch. 17 of Secret Doctrine of Anahuac]
  4. The Tantric Dream [Ch. 18 of Secret Doctrine of Anahuac]
  5. The Return Practice [Ch. 19 of Secret Doctrine of Anahuac]
  6. On Dreams in General (List of Symbols & Colors and their Meaning)
  7. What Numbers Represent (List of Number 1-22 and their Meaning)
  8. The International Gnostic Movement (Brief Explanation of the Gnostic Teaching)

The 1st and 8th sections give “M.A.M.” as their author, but the book has “Samael Aun Weor” as its author on the cover.  Because of this some have called into question the Authenticity of all the information in the book, excluding the 2nd through 5th sections.)